What Is Straight From The Source's Mouth?

Straight From The Source's Mouth (SFTS) is a resource for anyone looking to better understand both the process and impacts of having all the products we use and consume daily.  Whether you desire a compelling narrative, information on sustainable and ethical sourcing champions, or some best practices for your business, you've come to the right place!

The SFTS Origin Story


The mission of SFTS is to: Report on companies going the extra mile through first-hand examples, share my ongoing journey of navigating a career of social entrepreneurship, and provide a community dedicated to education and innovation around the ever-changing value chain.

I'm Jessica Schultz, creator of SFTS. I volunteered on farms for 10 months to understand sustainable sourcing and how edible products get to the end-user.  What I saw opened my eyes to the obstacles facing any company trying to fairly produce or source their products, with an emphasis on small businesses and farmers. After this I searched for an online community to continue educating myself and doing my part. When I couldn't find one, the idea for SFTS was born.


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